Palm Pre Tetris Mania Demo Is Pointless, Just 30 Seconds Long

Electronic Arts knows that we can't wait to get our Tetris fix on the Palm Pre, so instead of making us wait until the October release of Tetris Mania, they've released a thirty second demo. A thirty-freakin'-second demo.

Some of us managed to survive boring high school math lessons by playing Tetris on TI-89 calculators, yet we can't get more than 30 seconds on a Pre for another month? I understand that it's a demo and that by now everyone and their dog knows how to play Tetris, but this doesn't even qualify as a teaser.

Thirty seconds is pointless for a demo of any kind, on any platform. What are you supposed to do? Get acquainted with the splash screen? Such a short period of app usage or gameplay isn't going to going to get anyone who wasn't already interested in the full version any more excited about it.

Dear EA, please give us a demo that actually demonstrates something other than the fact that brevity isn't always wit. Actually, screw the demo. Just give us the game already. [iSmashPhone]

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