Palm App Catalog Just As Crappy For Developers As The App Store

I know Palm is fond of emulating Apple in certain respects, but why they're also copying the App Store's developer hostility is beyond me. Jamie Zawinski's epic quest to get his free, open source applications into the App Catalog is maddening.

• It's a corporate policy all apps use a version number of less than 1.0.0 • Ten pages of legal documents to print out, sign and scan • If an app is in the App Catalog, it can't be distributed anywhere else — a problem, because Zawinski's apps are open source and free • Developers need a verified PayPal account to pay Palm $US99 a year to distribute their apps • A whole mess of reviews and re-reviews • 27 emails and months later, the apps are still in limbo

On the bright side, at least Palm actually replied to some of the emails. [jwz via Daring Fireball]

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