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Have you heard of Star Trek Online? No? Leave. And never come back. Or read about how you can apply for the closed beta to get back in our good graces...plus other gaming stories from Kotaku this week.

Star Trek Online Opens Closed Beta Hailing Frequencies YES! Left 4 Dead 2 Impressions: Jockeys And Swords This Is One Way To Promote The PS3 Slim Warning: it's pervy.

Police Swarm To Bungie On Weapons Call During Kotaku Visit Hideo Kojima Inspires Incontinence In Castlevania Team So How Did That Japan PS3 Slim Launch Go?

All Of Borderlands, On One Wall A whole video game, plotted on paper. A Life Is Well Wasted Without Attractive Game Posters How PhysX Makes Batman: Arkham Asylum Better Spoiler: a more flowing cape!

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