On October 4, Lose $US20 And A Few Kilos On The Wii Fit Plus

Brian will be one happy boy come October 4. That's when the Wii Fit Plus (about which we heard rumours at E3) will be arriving. Good news: looks like it'll be only $US20 if you don't need a Balance Board.

The Wii Fit Plus will introduce 15 new mini-games and come as either a standalone disc for $US19.99, or as part of a bundle with the original Wii Fit and Balance Board for $US99.99. It also looks like Nintendo will be releasing black editions of the Wii remote, nunchuk and MotionPlus, so those concerned about matching their toys to their furniture will finally breathe a sigh of relief.

We're happy to get the release info, but one question remains: will the Wii Fit Plus mean more pictures of Brian in his boxers? [USA Today via kotaku]

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