Nintendo Conference Call Allegedly Confirms Sept. 27 Wii Price Cut

If unofficial company confirmations are your thing, and you've been following Nintendo's all but certain Wii price cut, feast on this: One Nintendo fan site eavesdropping on a retailer call claims the company confirmed a $US50 cut for September 27.

If that sounds a bit confusing and unconfirmed by anyone but that particular web site, that's because it is. Put simply, the Big N hasn't said a peep about any of this to anyone save those at this alleged secret tree house meeting, whose attendance list included what we presume to be folks like Target, Toys R Us and other retailers who've leaked circulars purportedly advertising a $US200 Wii over the past week.

In the end I'm inclined to agree with Kotaku on this one: Wait for the Tokyo Games Show, where all will be revealed and confirmed. Then, after such time has past, we can all get back to predicting when the next price cut will hit. [Nintendojo via GoNintendo via Kotaku]

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