Ninja Kunai Flash Drive Guarantees Airport Full Cavity Search

I don't know if this $US125 Ninja Kunai 2GB flash memory drive is made of metal or not. They don't say in the product page description. What they say in the warning has me a bit worried, though:

Please note that this product is not a "real' Kunai, and cannot be used as such, also we would like to remind you that this product may be dangerous due to its sharp edge and MUST be handle with care, cannot be responsible if you misused this product and hurt yourself or others with it.

So it is not the real thing but it can actually cut? Can I take care of my garden with it? Do they just mean you can use it to take one of your eyes out? Are they giving nerd ninja wannabes any kind of ideas here? I hate when the day comes with so many questions. [Geek Stuff 4 U]

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