Mobile Retail Therapy For Blackberry Users

Mobile Retail Therapy For Blackberry Users
iDumpitscreenieFollowing the somewhat wishy-washy advisory of a Netflix app coming for iPhone, like, “some day” (vapourware, anyone?) comes the news that iDumpit is offering Blackberry users an Australian shopping app.

BlackBerry Bold, Storm and Curve 8900 users have exclusive access to the new iDumpit application. iDumpit is an online clearance outlet providing Australian consumers with access to quality brands at bargain prices. Products available at iDumpit range from sunglasses to sportswear, fridges to office furniture, jewellery, luggage, audio and even wine and bottled water.

Users of the free application will enjoy a personalised shopping experience with access to more than 25 categories of products at a significant discount to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). iDumpit application users can set their personal product preferences so that they will be automatically alerted when any of their chosen products are on special, which will be reserved for BlackBerry users for the first 24 hours. Hmm, I’m picturing lots of high-fives and screams of “marketing coup” over at iDumpit.

Further features of the iDumpit application include scheduled reminders for regular purchases, ability to select favourite items for repeat purchases and secure, fully encrypted payment gateway via SecurePay and PayPal

Blackberry-using shopaholics, bargain hunters, and those in desperate need of retail therapy sans borders, get your iDumpit app here.