Microsoft To Best Buy Staff: Here's Why Linux Sux

Microsoft is offering Best Buy employees Windows 7 for $US10 if they complete training that includes selective truths about Linux. Apparently Windows 7 is totally safer, and Linux won't work with cameras, iPods, or games like World of Warcraft. WTF?

True, there's no elegant solution for the iTunes Music Store under Linux. And that's a fair enough point. But when it comes to player software, Linux has plenty of options, including Banshee. And the iPod, most MP3 players, and printers work fine under Linux.

True, Linux won't run every Windows program, but Wine supports a bunch of them. Special versions like CodeWeaver's CrossOver Games actively support World of Warcraft.

Video chat on all major IM networks? Try Pidgin or Skype. Windows Live Essentials? There's plenty of free alternatives.

There's some extra steps involved in the above, so I'm not saying that Linux is suitable for each and every newbie, particularly those who would ask Best Buy for advice in the first place. But some of Microsoft's info is a little…distorted. [ via CNet]

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