Microsoft Looking For Windows 7 Party Hosts

Microsoft Looking For Windows 7 Party Hosts

Win 7 partyEvery morning you wake up, it means that the juggernaut that is Windows 7 is one more day closer. And you know what that really means? It’s PARTY TIME!!!

Tipster Mike sent through the latest Microsoft Windows 7 newsletter and its call out for prospective hosts for its Windows 7 launch.

There are four party themes to choose from: PhotoPalooza, Media Mania, Setting Up With Ease, and Family Friendly Fun. But no matter which one you choose though, if selected you’ll receive a special Signature edition of Windows 7 Ultimate and a Windows 7 party pack. Not sure what that includes, but doesn’t it just ooze excitement?

If you want to host your own Windows 7 party between October 22 and October 29, click the link below. And make sure you invite us!

[Windows 7 Launch Party applicationThanks Mike!]