McSweeney's iPhone App Delivers Exclusive Content Weekly

McSweeney's, the publishing house founded by Dave Eggers and responsible for McSweeney's Quarterly, The Believer, Wolphin as well as the awesome website and a slew of books, now has an iPhone app.

The McSweeney's app is essentially a mini-subscription to a variety of McSweeney's content. It gives you access to the free stuff that the website posts every day, but then every week you get a "Small Chair" update. These will be articles from the print versions of McSweeney's or The Believer or a short video from Wolphin. This weekly content is not available on the website, just in the various hard-copy versions of their publications.

The price of $US6 for six months seems pretty reasonable to me, especially for casual fans of the McSweeney's output who don't have the time/energy for the normal subscriptions. Think of it as a best-of subscription, I guess. [McSweeney's App (iTunes Link) via McSweeney's]

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