Logitech Offering Two New iPod Speaker Docks

S315i_hero_slvr__300_dpiPortable speakers are a must have part of the iPod ecosystem, and Logitech are one of the bigger names around. Their latest speakers – the S315i and the S125i have just been announced for Australia.

The S315i has a built in rechargeable battery that'll give you 20 hours worth of playback in a body that's less than two inches thick. It'll also charge your iPod. S125i_withNano The S125i is a truly portable unit, running off four AAs for 10 hours worth of playback, or the mains if you want to charge your iPod at the same time. It weighs less than 500 grams and features a Bass Boost button, which I assume is for boosting the bass.

The S315i has an RRP of $199.95, while the S125i will cost $99.95. Both should be on shelves this month.

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