Livespeakr Is Like A Transformer iPod Dock

livespeakrIn some statistics I just made up, there are at least as many iPod docks available today as there are different breeds of dog in the world. But none of them twist and contort like the Livespeakr.

The Livespeakr is a compact portable speaker for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPod Classic. What makes it stand out is that it has a special dock that locks your iPod in place, in front of the speakers for storage and transport, but then rotates through 90 degrees into portrait mode and exposes the speakers. By rotating the dock another 90 degrees, the speakers extend even further, so that they work with the iPod or iPhone in landscape mode.

The speaker comes with rubberised feet and a Li-ion battery for music on the go. Apparently the battery will last for 16 hours as well, which would probably outlast your iPhone. You can grab it for $130

[iWorld Australia]

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