LG Brings Wi-Fi To Their DVRs

LG Brings Wi-Fi To Their DVRs

Following in the footsteps of their Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray players, LG today launched their new range of connected DVRs. But it doesn’t look like the connection works both ways…

While you can use the MS 400 HD DVR's Wi-Fi connection to access media on your home PC or NAS using DLNA, there doesn't seem to be any provision to copy your HDTV recordings back to your PC so you can watch them on the go.

You do get customised YouTube and Picasa access though, and the detachable HDD slot is a great addition for anyone wanting more storage on the cheap. But is that enough? Outside the DVR functionality with its 8-day EPG and twin HD tuner, I'm more inclined to use my PS3 to access remote files.

Would you pay $849 for a 250GB DVR (or $999 for 500GB) model?