Korg MicroSAMPLER Ready To Rock Your iPhone Noodlings

The iPhone has so many great music-creation apps that they deserve their own category, but shiny dedicated instruments like Korg's new 37-key sampler are always nice. It has a line-input, goose-neck microphone and editing software for the Mac or PC.

It connects to computers via USB, but also has MIDI in/out connections. And away from the desk, it can last about four hours on 6xAA batteries.

Sample modes include one-shot, gate, loop, key gate and auto-next. What you record in is mapped onto the keys for you to play and build up layers. Sampling time/internal memory is 42.66 minutes at 24kHz quality, and half that at 48kHz.

The 21 built-in effects include all the usual stuff (distortion, EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, looper, etc), but there's no vocoder (think Daft Punk "Around the World"). Seems a little strange given the attached microphone begs for it.

$US750 is also pricey given compared to fantastic software like Ableton Live ($US450). But, if you're a hardware purist, the microSAMPLER looks like a very cute little board. [Korg via SlashGear]

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