K-Rudd’s Website Targeted By Anti-Censorship Hackers Anonymous

K-Rudd’s Website Targeted By Anti-Censorship Hackers Anonymous

Last night at 7pm, internet activists Anonymous hit a heap of government websites in a DoS attack in order to protest their planned internet filter. And according to Duncan Riley at The Inquisitr, they even succeeded in taking down pm.gov.au for a little bit.

Among the demands by Anonymous before the attack last night were the immediate end to filtering plans, as well as the dismissal of Senator Conroy. So far neither has happened.

I’m not sure I understand the logic behind this kind of action. Even if Anonymous were successful in permanently crippling all the government’s public websites, it’s not likely to change the government’s mind on the matter of internet filtering. By all means voice your opposition to the plans – loudly – but by using illegal methods you instantly render your opinion null and void – at least in the eyes of the law.

Still, I wouldn’t expect this to be the end of this little battle…

[09-09-2009.org via The Inquisitr]