Japanese Man Uses Latest iPod Nano For Upskirting

A man in Kobe, Japan, just got arrested for attaching the latest iPod Nano to his shoe, and using said nanoshoe to get video of the environment inside of women's dresses.

The victim was an 18-year-old schoolgirl. Glad the dude at least stuck to the age limit, but it doesn't quite make it any better. And also, as you saw in our review, the Nano isn't that good of an upskirt camera. It may have an "infrared" filter, but that's not a real filter, and it doesn't actually help a camera that doesn't do low-light very well perform low-light any better. What you need is something with a flash, preferably infrared, so you can...wait...I shouldn't reveal all these tips. [Kobe via Fucked Gaijin via Feer via The Awl via T3]

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