I've Always Needed A [Perfume Bottle] USB [Card Reader]!

Somewhere in China, industry generals gather around a giant, free association computer. It mixes everyday objects (like "comb") with somewhat useful USB technology (like "thumbprint scanner"). The prophecies become real products, just like this "Perfume Bottle USB Card Reader".

While it may look like a somewhat ugly and useless perfume bottle, popping off the lid to reveals a USB plug. On the bottle's underside, you'll find ports for SDHC, micro SDHC, microSD/T-flash, Sony M2, Memory Stick and MS Duo. Then, when you're done pulling information off your cards, the perfume bottle can sit back on your desk. That is, until you hear about next month's Earwax Vacuum USB Night Light*. [USB Geek via Nerd Approved]

*Note: The Earwax Vacuum USB Night Light could be and probably is a real product. Anyone looking to steal the idea should proceed with caution.

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