It's Not A New Kindle, It's The iriver Story

iriver's been working on an e-reader, and until now, we had no idea what it looked like, let alone what was waiting under the hood.

It's called the iriver Story, and obviously the design is quite a bit similar to the Kindle—it's not only white, but it features a full QWERTY keyboard under the screen. That ziplock-style case, however, is 100 per cent iriver design.

You won't find wireless downloading like Amazon and Sony offer in their devices, but the Story does support SDHC cards and a slew of useful formats without conversion: PDF, E-Pub, txt, e-comics and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word and Excel docs).

The Story will be available in Korea only starting this month for about $US300 while iriver negotiates a deal with US and European publishers. I can't imagine anyone being too interested at the current pricing, but if iriver could undercut the competition by a decent margin, the Story would be a promising alternative to some random generic. [MobileRead via SlashGear via Fast Company]

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