Is There A Product Swarovski Won't Stick Their Crystals On?

oregon-scientific-crystal-weatherOregon Scientific are releasing a weather station studded with Swarovksi crystals. Yes, a weather station. Am I the only person who feels like their head wants to explode just so it doesn't have to think about that unlikely combination any more?

The BAR1000 Deluxe Edition Crystal Weather Station uses the crystals to mark out different weather icons, which light up depending on the forecast. The LCD display will show both indoor and outdoor temperatures, while a built-in light sensor will adjust the display's brightness depending on ambient light.

The Swarovski studded weather station will cost $199.99 when it hits shelves. There's no logical reason why anyone would need to buy one, but when it comes to Swarovski, I'm not sure logic has much of a say...

[Oregon Scientific]

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