IDF's Affordable Thin-And-Lights Are Decidedly Not Netbooks

Want the tiny size of a netbook, but the power of a full-size? Intel showed off a crop of ultraportable laptops, all aimed at around an $US800 MSRP, using Core 2 Duo processors, not Atom. Check out our gallery below.

Aside from a few from MSI, all of these ultraportables are from ODMs, meaning they're waiting for a larger company to snap them up and rebrand them (they're ready to go to market now, so you could start seeing them very soon). But they're all working prototypes and all very svelte and usable, with a focus on affordability. Sure, my 2009 MacBook Pro is very nearly as thin as a lot of these laptops, but it also cost twice as much. My favourite has to be the little white 10-incher with the blue flower design.

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