HTC Leo Bares All With Huge 4.3-Inch Screen, 1GHz Snapdragon

Remember that gloriously powerful, oddly fake-looking Windows Mobile 6.5 phone from a while back? Well, it's real, and it's huge. For reference, the phone pictured next to it has an already impressive 3.6-inch screen—this thing breaks 4.

All we've got here are a few images, but they confirm a lot: First of all, this thing does have the 1GHz Qualcomm 8250B processor, 5MP camera with dual LED flash, and will be running Windows Mobile 6.5, otherwise known as Windows Phone. It's thinner than you might expect for such a powerful handset, apparently fulfilling earlier leaks' promises of 11mm thickness. And hey, that weird, un-HTC-like Pro.Three branding, complete with "Lorem Ipsum" filler text, is there too. That's one way to designate a prototype, I guess.

What can't really be confirmed from the pictures are some of the juicier specs, like the fact that the alleged 4.3-inch screen is capacitive glass, unlike most of HTC's larger phones, and that the battery is worrying low 1230MaH unit—a potential dealbreaker for a phone with such a massively huge display to backlight. In any case, the Toshiba TG01 finally has a competitor in the Windows Mobile hardware porn category, so if that's your thing, there are a few more photos at the source. [ via WMPoweruser]

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