How's Your Battery Life And Hard Drive Space With Snow Leopard?

You've had the weekend to play with Snow Leopard and have stuff run faster, apps break and all the other glories of a new OS. But how much extra space did you get, and how's your battery life?

On Twitter we noticed that everybody seemed to get back more space from Snow Leopard than the guy before him: "I got back 9GB, wow!" "Hey, I got back 12GB, jeez." "Holy mother, I got back 20 gigs, whoooooa!" So by now, some of you should've gotten back like a terabyte—on your 250GB hard drive. We got back around 6GB, what Apple advertised—not including the space freed up by Snow Leopard's new accounting procedures.

Battery-wise haven't noticed much of a difference compared to Leopard, but if you have, let us know and what kind of machine you're using.

[Giz's Snow Leopard Coverage]

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