How the World Might Look If We Run Out of Water

Someone better work on implementing the beautiful Hexagonal Hydropolis city project. Pronto. One, because there's plenty of land in the desert. Two, because I'd like to dress up in a Fremen stillsuit. And three, because inside it's amazingly pretty too:

According to Andrew Kudless—from design/architecture studio Matsy—this kind of water-based structures may become "the fundamental factor in future urban infrastructure in the American Southwest." He says he was inspired by Dune too:

In Frank Herbert's famous 1965 novel Dune, he describes a planet that has undergone nearly complete desertification. Dune has been called the "first planetary ecology novel" and forecasts a dystopian world without water. The few remaining inhabitants have secluded themselves from their harsh environment in what could be called subterranean oasises. Far from idyllic, these havens, known as sietch, are essentially underground water storage banks. Water is wealth in this alternate reality. It is preciously conserved, rationed with strict authority, and secretly hidden and protected.

I like the idea. And I like how it looks even more. [BLDGBLOG]

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