Gizmodo Gallery 2009: We're Back For Another Year!

We're pretty happy to announce that Gizmodo Gallery is returning again after our successful run last year in New York, and this time it will be bigger and better.

This year we're renting out a street level space in the New York neighbourhood of NoLita from September 23rd to the 27th, where we plan to showcase our favourite tech-related items from the last year or so. Expect some of the same types of stuff as last year, but we have all sorts of new ideas for this year that we think will make this year's gallery even more noteworthy. Some of these offerings will range from DIY creations, wacky and wonderful gizmos, vintage gadgets, all the way to the latest and greatest consumer tech products. Plus we'll have tech demos you wouldn't normally see anywhere else.

And aside from the normal day exhibits, Giz Gallery 2009 expects to have a few special exhibits throughout the week including a free laser etching booth, a reader meetup event, a special musical performer lined up, as well as a few other surprises to be announced.

Stay tuned!

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