Get VIP Tickets To The First Episode Of Byteside

byteside_logo_smallI know what you're thinking – What the frak is Byteside? Put simply, it's a live show happening in Sydney where some of Australia's top tech and gaming journos and pundits get together and have a chat about some of the hottest industry news and products over a couple of beers. It's the brainchild of ex-Giz AU editor Seamus Byrne and Atomic magazine founder Ben Mansill and it's launching at the Shelbourne Hotel on September 15.

On top of the live event, the show will also be recorded and uploaded to the web so everyone outside of Sydney can enjoy the experience. Among the guests on the first show are MactheMag editor Matthew Powell, Atomic editor David Hollingworth, Sproog Media publisher Nick Ross, Hyper editor Daniel Wilks, Kotaku ed David Wildgoose and your own friendly Gizmodo editor (that's me).

If you want to come along and enjoy the show, Shay and the Byteside crew are offering Giz readers two double VIP passes. The VIP passes offer you priority access to the show, plus some free drinks for you and a friend on the night. All you need to do is sign up to the Byteside news list and select Gizmodo in the drop down referrals menu. You should probably sign up for the list anyway, so you know when all the events are happening and how to RSVP to attend a show.


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