First OLED Laptops Could Arrive Next Year And Burn Holes In Wallets

Say it's true. That I could finally be watching YouTube on a laptop with an OLED screen by next year. Companies have annouced plans and showed the concepts, but Samsung says we could see a commercial OLED notebook in 2010.

After introducing its X Series laptops yesterday the company told reporters that it would release an OLED notebook towards the end of 2010, perhaps in the third quarter.

Not surprising there was no mention of cost, but we've got to assume that it would add a couple of hundred to the price of a regular notebook (OLED screens are about 50 to 80 per cent more expensive than regular LCDs). But with analysts at Gartner believing that OLED laptops will become the norm over the next 5 years maybe it won't be as bad as anticipated. I'll start saving. [TechRadar]

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