Firefighter Boots Leave Goopy, Glowing Trail Of Firefly Carcasses

I can't pretend to have experienced the danger of firefighting first-hand, but it seems like losing a partner while a burning building crumbles around you is a very real possibility. And these boots, while just a concept, might help.

Loaded with a mysterious, unnamed glowing substance (one can only assume hordes of ground-up lightning bugs), the shoes leave a simple footprint trail that can be tracked in case of sudden panic. (We're assuming this goop would be more sticky than slippery, though honestly, neither scenario sounds fantastic.)

Maybe these boots would help firefighters, and maybe they wouldn't (firefighters in the audience, please share your thoughts). But as some sort of child's toy involving special goggles, Nerf darts and booby traps, the glow boots sound like a lot of fun...especially if you can buy em in an men's size 12 and the liquid permanently stains carpets. [Yanko Design via ubergizmo]

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