Finally! Someone Shot The Creepy Palm Pre Chick!

Confession: I haven't seen September Dawn. I didn't even know about it until today. What I do know is that the actress who plays the creepy Palm Pre chick dies at the 3:01 mark of this clip. In creepy fashion.

I'm informed that September Dawn is supposed to be a very romantic and dramatic tale, but as much as I adore romance all I can focus on while watching bits and pieces of this movie is how eerie Tamara Hope's acting is even before she'd ever held a Palm Pre. Granted this is coming from someone with zero acting skills.

Everything aside, this clip put me into a mood to cuddle up with creepy YouTube clips. Anyone wanna share some? There's star potential if they contain Tamara Hope. [YouTubeThanks to Jeff for pointing out the existence of this movie.]

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