Extreme Leisure: 10 Ultimate Ways To Spend That Extra Day Off

How would you spend a three-day weekend if money was no object? If The Most Interesting Man In The World needed a break from counselling the Dalai Lama or whatever he does, this might fit the bill.

Believe it or not, there are several European spas/breweries that will help you wash away stress in a bath of beer. Starkenberg brewery in Tarrenz, Austria even goes so far as to fill up an entire pool with barrels of its own Pilsner. The experience will set you back around $US200, but you could always save a little money and drink junk-steeped suds at home by filling up your bathtub with Miller Lite. [Starkenberger and NYT]

If you really want to get away, Aerion is the only private jet that will get you there at supersonic speeds. The only problem is that you will have to make reservations five years in advance—and have pockets deep enough to foot the $US80 million bill. [Link]

Why travel when you have a $US6 million theatre right in your own home? Apparently that's what Jeremy Kipnis was thinking when he built this ridiculous setup complete with 8.8 channels of surround sound, 16 subwoofers and video resolution four times better than 1080p. Seats three. [Kipnis via Link]

Spending your extended weekend playing video games is one thing, but spending it playing around in a homemade 747 flight simulator is quite another. Flight enthusiast Matthew Sheil was able to build a sim that rivals a $US40 million training version for "only" $US200,000. [Link]

If clubbing is your thing, you might want to swing by this 18.5sqm discotheque, located in somebody's house. At the push of a button, users can open a hatch in the ceiling that contains a disco lighting and JBL speaker system. The remote also controls that 56,780-litre aquarium, filled with catches from the Atlantic Coast. [Electronic House]

Why go to the waterpark and wait in line with all those punk kids? For the show Prototype This on the Discovery Channel, a team of engineers built a waterslide simulator that rotates and tilts to mimic the twists and turns of the real thing. Not only might you be able to fit one of these in your own backyard, the ride is much longer than the real thing. Only downside? No splashdown. [Discovery]

I can pretty much guarantee that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is going to have a great long weekend, thanks to his $US350 million mega-yacht. In addition to the pools, restaurants and theatres you might expect, Abramovich's yacht also features a missile defence system, underwater submarine entrance and two heli-pads. I'll be thinking about this over my weekend as I sit outside in a frog-shaped kiddie pool with a six pack. [Link]

Dwindling natural resources? F—k that! I want to be travelling in style aboard a cruise ship on wheels, otherwise known as the Vario Perfect Platinum RV. Needless to say, the inside is pure luxury and entertainment, everything but the hydraulic-operated car garage, that is. [Vario via Born Rich]

Chris Rokos, a 36-year-old hedge-fund tycoon is spending nearly $US62 million to turn a run-down, 1580sqm hotel into his own private resort. It will have everything from a cinema to a climbing wall—but the most amazing feature is going to be the 4.8-metre deep diving pool in the basement. Pool party at Chris' house! [Daily Mail]

Staying in a luxury hotel is great, but if you want more than just room service you stay at the Winvian in Connecticut. It takes themed rooms to the extreme: There's a treehouse cottage up in a tree, a beaver lodge with a real dam, a golf cottage with "undulating floors" for putting, a music room that features "playable" architecture. The helicopter room has an actual Coast Guard chopper. [Winvian Image via Boston]

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