During The Recession, Even Your iPhone Lives In A Cardboard Box

Fancy-pants iPhone cases made out of Rockefeller materials like rubber, metal and plastic are fine during times of economic prosperity, but in these dark days, we need a more suitable material. Case-Mate dug through their recycling bin for the answer.

The thing is, it's actually neither a bad-looking nor impractical case—most thin iPhone skins only provide marginal protection and cardboard certainly wouldn't be worse. Sure, your gorgeous phone will look like it's been living on the streets, but it's customisable (with a Sharpie, not included), it's cheap ($US1 each or 10 for $US8) and it's sort of clever. Of course, you may look like you're talking into a small cardboard box, but if you don't like it you can just toss it back in the recycling bin from whence it came. [Case-Mate via OhGizmo!]

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