Dell Latitude Z For Could Be First Laptop With Wireless Charging

I am praying this isn't another Adamo, Dell. The soon-to-be-introduced Latitude Z will have a premium design, super high end specs and a lofty price tag. I've heard that all before, but wireless charging in a notebook? That is new.

The laptop is said to have a 16-inch display which is larger than your average business notebook. Other than that the details are few and far between. Apparently it will pack an Intel processor and, you know, RAM and a hard drive.

Back to the wireless charging that is being reported by Forbes. This part is unclear. My guess is the laptop would need to be put on a pad of sorts to charge without wires. Sort of like the Palm touchstone or those WildCharge mats.

All this is said to be more than the "typical $US1,100 business laptop" and it is meant to be expensive. According to Forbes, Dell thinks the world is ready for another expensive laptop or at least that recovering companies will have the budgets now. Sounds like it will be announced in the next couple of weeks. [Forbes]

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