Dell Adamo XPS Looks Thinner Than Air

What happens when Dell's Adamo and XPS get set up on a date, have a few too many drinks and end up rocking the bed? The slimmer than Macbook Air, 9.99mm thin Dell Adamo XPS.

Dell is revealing next to nothing about its best of breeds lappie today. All the new micro site reveals is that it is 9.99 mm (.39 inches) thin (cleverly launching today cause of the 9/9/09 date). For a bit of measurement comparison, the original Adamo was .65 inches thin while the Air is 0.76 inches at its thickest point and 0.16 inches at the front.

I hear the Adamo had a pretty brutal walk of shame. Looking forward to details on this one. [Dell Adamo XPS]

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