Dalcans Design CUBE Is One Insanely Reflective TV Stand

Dalcan's amazingly designed CUBE is now on the wish list for my dream house. The entertainment centre is pure mirror, gilded with gold leaf and hides a built-in 32-inch HDTV, KEF amplifier and speakers.

Being launched at the UK's architecture 100% Design show, when the cabinet is completely closed it a big block of mirror with a 32-inch Samsung HDTV, but the compartments open for storing cable boxes and Blu-Ray players. Dalcan specialises in mirror set LCDs, using some sort of technology to make TV viewable from behind mirrors.

Of course when you watch anything sitting in front of the CUBE you are going to see a whole lot of yourself in the mirror. I guess this means I am narcissistic. [Dalcans Design via Bornrich]

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