Comcast To FCC: FUZZOFF!

As soon as FCC's Julius Genachowski takes out his mighty sword to kill internet providers' greed-driven traffic filtering, the fat cats are already attacking. A Comcast fat cat named David L. Cohen, who of course is playing the FUD card.

Cohen is Comcast's executive vice-president for broadband, who believes that FCC should get their hands off the internet. Because, you know, everything is perfectly fine now that private companies are controlling it, making sure to block or throttle down any traffic they want. They just want to keep doing that, because that's what benefit most all of us, the consumers and other companies trying to make free use of a vital infrastructure, one that should be neutral for everyone.

In typical demagogical fashion, Comcast appeals to the fear, uncertainty and doubt. "Does the internet need more regulation? FCC to decide" is the headline of his corpospeako yadda-yadda post. As in: "OH, the BIG government wants to regulate YOUR internet. Are you going to let them do that, your ignorant peasants you?" This comes from a guy who represents a company that took the FCC to court because they were illegally throttling down bandwidth for certain internet applications, like—oh, surprise—Torrent apps.

So, does the internet need more regulation, Señor Cohen? Yes, it does. Regulation against you arbitrarily deciding to regulate the service we pay for. And, you know, so you and your pals in the industry don't get all cozy and snuggly to take services or companies out of the network. [Comcast via Crunchgear]

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