China Completes 3D Map Of The Moon

China claims that they have completed the "world's highest-resolution 3D map of the moon", which will serve Chinese astronauts to reach the Moon in 2020. Of course, one thing is claiming that, the other is being reality.

The Chinese said the resolution of their 3D map—made with their Chang'e-1 probe, sent in October 2007—is 500 metres. Obviously, there has to be an error somewhere, because JAXA's own 3D map's resolution is 10 metres. Not to talk about NASA's LRO, which is three metres. Although the NASA one is not completed yet.

I think that maybe the Chinese are hitting the rice liquor too hard again, either their space agency or their news agency. Still, the map they claim they have completed is a step towards their objective to land people in the Moon in a decade. If they ever get to launch anyone to space, that's it.


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