Casio's Budget EXILIM Zoom ZZ-280 Records In 720p

Casio released two budget EXILIM point-and-shoots this morning. The new $US180 Zoom EX-Z280 packs a few higher end features, including 720p recording, while the $US120 EX-Z33 is your basic shooter.

The 12.1MP EXILIM Zoom EX-Z280, likes its name leads, has a wide-angle 26mm 4X optical zoom lens. From the pictures it looks to have a nice compact body and comes with standard features including a CCD-shift image stabilisation mechanism and face detection function. Casio is also touting its high-speed image processing CPU, which allows it to run its EXILIM Engine 4.0 on the camera itself (that includes editing abilities, etc.). It can also shoot 720p. All in all, not too bad for under $US200.

A bit more basic, the 10.1MP EXILIM EX-Z33 has a 3X optical zoom lens. Meant for the beginner, it features an easy mode and though it won't shoot 720p you can record some YouTube friendly 640 x 480 resolution video. You can snatch this guy up in the colours of the rainbow, including black, light pink, darker pink, silver and blue. [Casio]

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