Case-Mate iPhone Credit Card Case Review

Case-Mate's credit card iPhone case, which is actually only half of a case, since it mostly protects the back of the phone, but allows you to carry up to two credit cards with you simultaneously.

The Price: $US30

The Verdict: It does what it claims, which is hold two of your credit cards/ID cards simultaneously, but it's a pretty snug fit. The slight bending or bowing that your cards go through to fit into the slot shouldn't be enough to break it, but the two will scrape against each other because the space is so small. Which is good and bad.

On the one hand it's good, since it means your cards won't fly out of the slot when you're whipping out your phone. But it's also bad, since you'll have some slight difficulty in pushing out your cards. But it's not unusable, and it's not anything you can't overlook if your whole reason for getting this is that you don't want to carry a wallet on you.

Our only complaint would be that there's only room for two cards, and very little room for cash. Technically you're not supposed to even put cash into the slot, but if you fold up a couple bills, it'll still squeeze into the limited amount of space given.

Those of you who carry money clips will be familiar with only having your ID, one or two credit cards and some cash in your pocket. With this, you'll cut down the need to even have a money clip in addition to your phone, the convenience of which is probably worth $US30 to you.

It does what it claims and holds two cards snugly

Slightly hard to remove the cards once they're inside

Not a lot of room for cash

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