Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

breakfast-burnttoast Theatres Will Fry Us All With Infrared To Stop Pirates As victims of pirated movies we thought were the real deal, we applaud this.

Unplug Your Laptop To Keep Your Li-Ion Battery Healthy Purely in the interest of a better laptop computing experience for all.

Microsoft Stealing From Apple Again: This Time It’s Retail Staff Imitation may be a form of flattery. Poaching? That's a different story.

Undercover Police Can’t Resist Playing With A Drug Dealer’s Wii "Serious" people caught doing goofy stuff. You gotta love it.

Bug Labs Releases Wi-Fi Base At Last Wi-Fi meet BUGbase. BUGbase, Wi-Fi. Together, at last.

Push Gmail Finally Comes To The iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile Push Gmail, meet iPhone. iPhone... What? I just used that schtick? Dang.

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