Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

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Rumour: New, Thinner iMacs Maybe With Blu-ray, Mystery Features
AppleInsider thinks new iMacs are coming, with Blu-ray. Of course, they would, wouldn’t they?

POV Helmet Cam Captures Skier Causing Avalanche
This is what helmet cams were made for. Intense stuff. But don’t worry… he’s OK.

Martin Jetpack: How Much Would You Pay To Be A Test Pilot?
Well? What’s it worth to you? Better hurry. Auction closes soon.

MIT’s Eyeball Chip Could Make The Blind See
One step closer to the Bionic Man.

Cure Cubicle Boredom With Homemade Office Weapons
Yes. You can hear the interconticubicle countdowns even now.

Firefighter Boots Leave Goopy, Glowing Trail Of Firefly Carcasses
Because firefighters need all the help they can get.

Sprint Clubs The Instinct HD Over The Head With A $US250 Price
More questions than answers.