Bay Area Architects Seek To Re-purpose Bay Bridge As Recreational

The Bay Bridge is falling down, falling down, so that a bigger, better bridge—one not prone to falling down during an earthquake—can be erected in its place. If two architects get their way however, it might become this.

"Imagine housing, recreational and cultural facilities connected to a continuous, lushly planted, green strip, floating above the water-an aerial garden, as the city's newest park through which you could walk and wander and enjoy the most spectacular views of the bay," reads an excerpt from the proposal by architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello. The image here depicts a "tennis court, bicycle path, and observation module."

This image is an outdoor auditorium.

This final image shows off the Bay Bridge's swimming pool and some living/recreational quarters, as well as the green grass that would line the length of the "unwanted" bridge. One "little" caveat: In the event of a major earthquake, the Bay Bridge would probably survive, but as a result of the catastrophe would be unusable thereafter. This is precisely why the idea is all but certain to be rejected (at least for this bridge, in this area, anyway). [BLDG Blog]

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