Babymodo – Usefulness, At Last

Babymodo – Usefulness, At Last
itzbeen-productsheet-frontWe couldn’t let a week of Babymodo go by without bringing you something that was genuinely useful. Sure, we could have done that tomorrow, but Friday being Friday, we’re more likely to be in the mood to close the week with some silliness. So, parents, meet the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer.

The geniuses behind the Itzbeen approached their product development with the understanding that parents needed help to track important baby-related stuff. Such as when junior last napped, or ate, or did the one other activity out of a choice of three that babies do. (It’s been… Itzbeen, get it?)

All the non-parents out there who think it’s a bit silly to need a device to track these sorts of things are missing the fact that newborn-induced sleep deprivation does odd things to you. Such as severely compromising short-term memory. And you can trust us when we say there’s a lot to keep track of, especially between parents with hectic schedules doing tag-team baby care.

The display on the front panel tracks four essential activities – time since last nappy change, time since last feeding, time awake/sleep, and a “bonus” timer for some other action worth tracking. Here’s a thought. You could track how long it’s been since baby vomited on you.

The timers have alarms and some other features enhance the package. These features include a nightlight, reminder switch for nursing mothers (er, if you need to ask you probably shouldn’t know) and a clock. Of course.

Item two in our genuinely useful Babymodo entry for Thursday is, according to the guys at Gizmag, the world’s first stainless steel baby bottles. This is good news for any parent concerned about toxicity because, and this is news to our ears, plastic bottles may contain chemicals that don’t belong anywhere near a human, let alone a delicate baby.