Babymodo. Sound Of One Head Thudding

Babymodo. Sound Of One Head Thudding
thuddieThe final instalment in our week-long Babymodo special in honour of Giz editor Nick Broughall’s recent entry into fatherhood lands with a thud. This one’s not so much for the baby as for the slightly older infant who’s taken to exploring mobility.

Houses are a dangerous place for toddlers. There are all sorts of hard edges, acute angles and unforeseen swinging things. Such as doors. Or an older sibling’s cricket bat.

To help your toddler survive this cruel stage of their younger years, a stage punctuated by a great many minor accidents that thankfully they will not remember (unless there’s scarring involved), there is the Thudguard.

Otherwise known as an “Infant Safety Hat”, the Thudguard is the ideal precursory step to introducing your toddler to a life wrapped in cotton wool. Correct me if you think you need to, but how did humankind manage to make it this far without wrapping our youngsters’ heads in shock absorbent padding? Surely, learning to avoid collisions through the excellent teacher that is a sharp dose of pain is actually how we learn to survive?

One last Babymodo entry comes in the form of the baby toupee. That’s right. Wigs. For babies. Because some people don’t have poodles. They have kids. Or… they didn’t get a Thudguard and need to conceal the misfortunes that follow a knee-high existence.