At Gizmodo Gallery 2009: The Sex Doll For Dogs

Oh my. The sex doll for dogs, seen only as a render for so long, is finally real. And it's… awkward. It's at the Gizmodo Gallery, and if your dog f—ks it, you'll win a prize.

Interested in seeing this thing for yourself and in the US? Come on into the Giz Gallery when it opens on Wednesday. And bring your dog, too. I still have doubts that any dog would actually go to town on this thing, so I'll tell you what: If your dog has sex with the sex doll for dogs, you'll win a prize. No raffle for you! If you own a shameless dog, you can skip to the front of the prize line. Prizes include camcorders and laptops, not the throwaway stuff. We have to be able to get the carnal act on video, because we are gross and need proof.

Also, admit it, you're a little curious.

Read more about our Giz Gallery 09 here and see what else we'll be playing with at the event.

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