At Gizmodo Gallery '09: Ghostly Discovery Listening Station

The Ghostly Discovery music app for the iPhone is a favourite around Gizmodo, and their custom listening station built especially for Giz Gallery is a pretty slick tech demo in its own rite as well.

If you're unfamiliar, the Ghostly Discovery app will automatically stream playlists based on the mood, tempo, and sound you're looking for. It then compiles the list with tracks from record label Ghostly International—purveyors of quality electronic music and home to artists such as Matthew Dear, Dabrye and The Chap .

But back to the booth — it's a joy to look at. The Ghostly logo is linked to the iPhone app, so that when you select your mood colour for the playlist, the booth colour changes accordingly, and a light beams up to the ceiling above. Developed by O2 Creative Solutions, the team developed a custom rig consisting of a Mac Mini that talks to the iPod touch and relays that info to the Philips colour Kinetics lightbulb (which is connected to a DMX controller).

Read more about our Giz Gallery 09 here and see what else we'll be playing with at the event.

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