Asus Eee Reader Could Have Dual Colour Touchscreens

So about that Asus eBook reader expected by Christmas: The Times suggests that not only could it have dual colour touchscreens like the prototype Asus showed at CeBIT (pictured), but it might even undercut Sony and Amazon on price.

Asus pretty much kick-started the whole netbook craze, so it'll be interesting to see if they can shake up eBook readers, too. A second display could be used for a virtual keyboard and Web browsing, allowing the device to even compete with netbooks. The company says it's also thinking about built-in speakers, and a Webcam/microphone for cheap Skype calls.

Budget and premium versions are likely, and it's expected the pricier option would feature 3G. Right now, the two cheapest readers are the 6-inch Amazon Kindle 2 ($US300) and Cool-er eBook Reader ($US250). The Times says Asus is aiming closer to around $US160. Previous Eee PCs have been cheaper than the competition, so you just never know… [The Times]

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