Apple Genius Bar: iPhones Dropping 30% Of Calls Is Just Plain Normal

How utterly shitty is the iPhone on AT&T in the New York area? The average iPhone drops 30% of all calls. And that's considered acceptable by Apple.

Giz reader Manoj took his iPhone to the Genius Bar to have it looked at because it was dropping calls left and right, and AT&T swore stuff was totally kosher on their end, so he thought something was wrong with his phone. After doing a stat dump, the Genius showed Manoj that his iPhone had actually dropped 22% of calls.

The jawdropper: The Genius told Manoj that's actually excellent compared to most people in the New York area, where a 30% dropped call rate is the average. There was nothing Apple could do for Manoj. His phone was totally fine. Which means there's nothing Apple can do for rest of us.

Ridiculous, and downright insulting. But, uh, if you pay $US150 for this box it'll be all better. Excuse me while I go and puke. I'll call somebody and complain, but it probably wouldn't get through. [Thanks, and sorry, Manoj!]

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