Apple Active In iPhone 3.1 Battery Life Troubleshooting

Sure, the iPhone 3.1 update delivered a host of new features, including the exceptionally tardy MMS, but for some users there was something extra: Crappy battery life.

Today, however, Apple seems to be taking steps to address the issue, starting with a new list of 11 questions that run the gamut from asking about push notifications; to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; to this one, identified by the iPhone Blog: "When you notice a power drop, does it seem to be a legitimate power drop, or rather an issue with the battery icon indicator?"

There's also an unsigned battery life logger that Apple has offered up for download. Once the user installs the logger, their phone will synch the logs with iTunes, at which point the software will ask if it can report back to Apple. Steve Jobs will then personally respond to you via email*

While battery life issues are nothing new for iPhone users, this approach by Apple is, and it lends some credibility to the many users who have pounded the Apple help desk discussion boards with complaints about 3.1. Who amongst the Gizmodo readership is also losing juice at an alarming rate since the introduction of 3.1?

*Steve Jobs will respond to you via mail only if you are Joe Nocera. [iPhone Blog - Thanks, Rene]



    I can't say I've had "alarming" battery lose, but I would suggest that I'm having to drop it on the dock to charge a little more often then I use to...I'm by no means a power use when it comes to my phone (sms and xbmc remote mostly) so I can go a few days without been concerened about the power level, but recently, I've probably been more prone to dropping it on each day to top it up (from about 75% full).

    Doubt that really counts, but had no one mentioned it, I probably wouldn't have really taken much notice...


      Phew, thank goodness it's not me......
      battery life's been horrendous since 3.1

      I've disabled all Push notification, un-installed a few new apps....
      when you do anything on the phone - other than use it as a phone, it dies in next to no time..

      this weekend alone it needed charging 3 times, only with maybe 2 hours of basic internet use on / off and some google maps / calls

      I'm not happy :-(

    1. Realize it's a issue

    After installing 3.1 on the first day noticed some battery loss (I listen some podcasts on the train to work) and also a lot of head after the podcasts. My usual scenario is recharge over night, Email + Vampires (game) in the morning through wireless, podcasts on the train, maybe one call during the day, one after work. At the end of the work the battery is aprox at 20%. The same thing next day only I take the charger with me to work and when it gets to 30-40% I plug it in..

    2. It gets really bad

    Checked the net what the hell is happening. Put the phone on recharge Friday ... next day unplug at aprox 10AM, battery 100% and go out - in 5-6 hours with just 3-4 calls battery is at 20%. Put on recharge - in the night as it is 100% I shutdown the computer. In the morning the phone is depleted and displays a battery with some red in it (phone still connected to usb on powered off computer).

    3. I get lucky

    I decide it's time to revert the firmware back. I recharge the phone a bit and check the net how to revert back ... Tried first to put in service mode to load 3.0.1 firmware (downloaded from some website on the net), iTunes rejects the firmware.
    I press restore to original firmware in itunes ... after it finishes I check the phone I have no apps. It asks if I wand to restore my contacts and apps, I press yes.
    The process is done but the firmware is still 3.1 ?! Is this right?
    Went out ... in aprox 4 hours and 4 calls it gets to 95%. In aprox 24 hours 5-6 calls, morning email and vampires, one hour of podcasts (audio) on the train it's at 64%.

    As I see same firmware ... nothing changed works better ?!

    ah-ha i wondered if my iphone 3gs was getting less usage before requiring a charge since updating to 3.1, ive also noticed since updating to itunes 9 that my iphone takes longer to sync (that could just be my computer ^_^)

    Nothing bad has come of 3.1 for me and my iPhone 3G (touch wood).

    I've definitely had lower battery life and I've also had my iPhone switch itself off a number of times, refuse to turn on for a while, then finally succumb to the two-button restart. 3.11 can't come soon enough.


      it will happen a few times a day, it will lock, and ill go to unlock and it's just switched off, and the only way to get it back on is the two button restart!

    has anyones been freezing? mine freezes maybe twice a day. it happens after pressing the sleep button

    haven't had any freezes *touch wood* but i'm annoyed at how my podcasts are all out of order. i've got 100+ episodes of Extralife Radio and they're all out of order... very annoyed!!!

    MY self and some friends are having battery life issues and freezes...basically i did a complete reset to factory defaults and restore and i am noticing a lot better battery life and no lock ups...yet..

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