An Emergency Radio...For Your Phone

We've all seen those radios you crank in case a typhoon sweeps away your home. But what if you want to, you know, CALL FOR HELP?

The Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600 is a hand-cranked, solar powered device that can play AM/FM, top off two bundled AA batteries, power an LED flashlight and recharge most mobile phones through bundled adaptors. So whether you want to make a call, illuminate the darkness or just have some fun with that AA-driven R/C boat while waiting for help, you're pretty much covered.

Too cool to be sold in this country, fire up the Google Translate and order yours from Japan for $US65. I dunno about you, but sometimes I forget I'm a dork until I catch myself lusting after a new type of crank radio. [Trendy via DVICE]

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