AMD Vision Takes Processor Stickers Off Laptops…Kinda

Alright AMD, I'm feeling what you're putting down. Instead of stickers with XY and Z processor names taking up palm rests, you'd rather just tell people what the computer can do.

No more shiny AMD Turion or Athlon stickers. The company is done telling consumers what exact processor is inside the computer and instead it will use its new Vision platform to explain what you can do with the computer.

Vision breaks systems into three tiers—Vision, Vision Premium and Vision Ultimate. The basic Vision is for simple tasks (that of your netbook, ultrathin notebook or basic mainstream system). The Premium is one step up the computing ladder and has Direct X 10.1 and HD support amongst other things. On the top is Ultimate which can work video encoding and HD video editing. Now my first question was how the hell is Joe Schmo supposed to know the difference between these levels on a system any better than they know a processor name?

AMD's answer is to couple these Vision levels with other explainers or icons that tell you what the system can actually do with digital content—see, share, create. Seems simple enough—which means more stickers on the palmrest.

You tell me, are you happy to wave goodbye to the processor stickers or do you think this AMD's Vision will just complicate things even more? [AMD]

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