Amazon Forays Into Private Label Consumer Electronics

With AmazonBasics, the online retail giant is jumping headfirst into the consumer electronics space with its own private line of low-cost accessories.

The products are all packaged in "frustration free" packaging, and include HDMI cables, Ethernet cords and blank DVDs, to name a few.

This has to irk the consumer electronics companies that currently sell marked up cables and other items in Amazon's virtual marketplace already, but Paul Ryder, Amazon's vice president for consumer electronics and wireless, said all they'll need is a little re-education.

"I'm sure some vendors of cables and blank media are going to ask us, ‘What just happened?' We'll educate them that we saw value available to the customer in the market, and with our relationship with the vendor, we wanted to give that value to customers," he said over at the New York Times Bits blog. [Amazon via Bits]

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